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7 Days: 7 Essential Lessons To Finally Go FROM Avoiding Conversations Because You Don't Know What To Say... 

TO Knowing What You Wanna Say And How You Wanna Say It    

Day 1

What Are Pivotal Conversations

Understand what pivotal conversations are and why you're putting them off.

Day 2

Step #1 - Start With Prayer To Identify Your Internal World

Using a specific prayer, you'll begin to understand your heart and mind so you can start to manage your emotions. 

Day 3

Step #2 - Identify Your End Goal + Motive

Learn how to uncover your hidden motive so it doesn't sabotage the conversation before it even starts. 

Day 4

Step #3 - Prepare What You Want To Say

Discover a simple system to help you figure out what you want to say clearly and concisely. 

Day 5

Step #4 - Practice For The Pivotal Conversation

Learn why practice is key to having effective pivotal conversations and gain simple communication tips to practice.

Day 6

Step #5 - Observe How The Preparation Went

Discover a simple yet powerful question that will help you uncover what you're truly learning. 

Day 7

What To Do Next

Identify your next step after you've finished preparing for your next pivotal conversation to keep the momentum going that you've gained. 

See What Women Are Saying About This And Past Workshops...

"My biggest AHA moment was finding out that my motive for the pivotal conversation was soo wrong. Before taking this session, I would have felt I had a right to challenge this particular issue but God showed me the error of my ways and gave me the tools on how I was to correct it by being loving rather than judgment. Thank you Ann, this session really helped me!"


"At first it went awkward but, then the most amazing thing happened and is still happening...

Last year we bought a new bed with 1 frame and two separate mattresses. I thought this would also help with his snoring and restless sleeping because the bed comes with an app that helps with snoring problems but my husband didn't want to use the app. 

And now when I confronted him during the pivotal conversation, he recognized this and said that if I could wait with changing to separate bed frames, he is willing to try the app for a while.

So we did and it is working perfectly now. Thank you so much!


"The replays were great and allowed me to absorb Ann’s wise teachings in an unhurried manner. Ann is an exceptional coach who guides without judgement. An honour to be at her table. Thank you!"


"Encouraging and inspiring."


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